Welcome to Etco

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Etco is a Hong Kong based company, we have been at the forefront of the Mechanical industrial since 1989. We have high caliber Engineering people with vast experience in the design and manufacturing of high precision mechanical components and building upon a collaborative business network focusing on LCDs, Sewing, delicate machines and etc. Etco utilizes its diverse capabilities, complementary skills and staffs innovation, together with associated companies to provide a one stop, total integrated approach to our customers to create added value and rapid-response regarding machinery / product design, manufacturing and assembly.

We have manufacturing facilities located both in Hong Kong and PRC with a dedicated group of talents, such that we can render our services in various locations. We also have a product design company in Hong Kong serve for industrial needs, aimed at good quality product, customer service and on-time delivery.

Our quality team is divided into two groups, they are:

1) Quality Control, responsible to oversee the quality of all WIPs and finished products.
2) Quality assurance, responsible to establish the quality standards and systems, to perform quality audits, reliability testing of all outgoing products.

These functions have different and independent report lines.

Services provided by Etco include:

Specialists in the design and manufacturing of mechanical projects such as:-
Custom design machinery & PLC machines (e.g. LCDs’ manufacturing machine, automatic sawing machines & special purpose machine etc.)
Prototype machine as according to customer specification and drawing
Specialists in the manufacturing of mechanical components and metal parts for varies machines and industrial application :-
High precision mechanical parts using CNC machine center and CNC Swiss type lathe from medium to large quantity (Material: stainless steel, mild steel, copper and aluminum etc)
Manufacturing of components as according to customer specification
Specialists in the design and manufacturing of Tool and Fixture :-
From simple to complex, manual to semi auto fixture used in assembly house.
PCBA fabrication shop and all industrial sectors that require high precision tool and fixture for ease operation and efficient improvement.